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Amplifiers: Solid state

Deluxe 140140w monoblocks, triode capable

Amplifiers: Tube

150W Mono Amp
C-150 manley150w reference tube mono pair
Compact 100100w monoblocks, EL34
Compact 160160w monoblocks
Compact 6565w mono pair
Compact 8080w tube mono pair
Deluxe 100100w mono pair
Deluxe 120120w monoblock pair
Deluxe 160160w mono pair
Deluxe 200200w mono pair
Deluxe 225225w monoblocks
Deluxe 300300w monoblocks, 150 lbs
Deluxe 500500w mono pair
Deluxe 600600w mono pair
Deluxe 7575w
Deluxe 807140w mono pair
Deluxe 9090w
Ichiban200w tube mono, triode
IT-8585w x 2, class AB1, 65 lbs
MB-100100w tube mono pair
MB-125125w x 1, mono pair
MB-12501250w, wotan, mono pair, 480 lbs
MB-1250 Ref1250w x 1, mono pair, triode, rca and xlr input
MB 1250 Wotan
MB1250 Wotans
MB-150140w mono pair, 115 lbs
MB-175pr, mono, 175w, 100lbs
MB 185
MB-185mono pair
MB-225t225w tube mono pair
MB-250250w monoblocks, triode
MB-25t25w tube mono pair
MB-300300w tube mono pair
MB-450450w monoblocks, class AB1
MB-450 Series III Signature
MB 450 Series II Signature
MB-450 Sig s2425w, mono pr, 6550C, 170 lbs
MB-600ichiban, 600w mono pair
MB-750pr, mono, 250w, 280lbs
MB-750 Ref750w mono pr, class AB1
MB-750 Sig750w mono pr, 350w triode
Mono 100100w mono pair
Mono 160160w mono pair
Mono 5050w tube mono pair
Performance ST-8530w, EL34
Renaissance 7070w stereo tube
Renaissance 8080w tube mono pair
S-4002ch, class AB
S-500350w, 2ch, bal in
Siegfriedmono pr, class AB
Siegfried Series 2
ST-150150w tube stereo
ST-4040w tube int
ST-8585w, 2ch, class AB
Stereo 30-3030w
Stereo 45-4545w
Stereo 50-5050w
Stereo 90-9090w, 6550A, 48 lbs
T-35m35w mono pair
Tiny triode25w monoblocks
Triode 4545w tube mono pair
Triode 6060w stereo tube
Triode 6560w
Triode 9090w tube mono pair
Triode deluxe225w monoblocks
TT-2545w x 1, triode, rca input
Wotan MB1250
Zax 960480w, hybrid, bal in

Digital: CD/SACD Players

Series 1000
Series 500

Digital: DA Converters

Manley referencewith meters
Reference20 bit, 8x os
Straightlinetube, with preamp
TDAC-1a20 bit
TDAC-520 bit, 256x os