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Amplifiers: Solid state

Array M-170w monoblock
Array S-1
M-1125w, mono
Phono Amp65w, phono input
Power 6565w, mono pr, dc coupled
S-1100w, 2ch
VDH 500.10001150w, mono pair

Analog: Cartridges

1MC, 0.15 mV
2MC, 0.07 mV
3MC, 3.5 mV
BlackbeautyMC, 0.35 mV
Blackbeauty HOHigh output, MC, 1.0 mV
CanaryMC, 0.65 mV, >200 ohms
Colibri CopperMC, 0.4-0.65 mV
Colibri GoldMC, 0.5 mV, >500 ohms
Colibri Stradivarius XGW Koa wood
Condor CopperMC, 0.25-0.55 mV
Condor GoldMC, 0.35-0.45 mV, 500-1k ohms
Condor XCM
Crimson Stradivarius
DDT-II SpecialMC, 0.65 mV, 200 ohms
FrogMC, 0.65 mV, >200 ohms
Frog GoldMC, 0.65 mV, >200 ohms
Frog HOHigh output, MC, 2.25 mV
Grasshopper GLA
Grasshopper Gold mkIIIMC, 0.4 mV
Grasshopper H mkIIIMC, 11.0 mV
Grasshopper L mkIIIMC, 4.5 mV
Grasshopper mkIVMC, 0.65 mV
Grasshopper M mkIIIMC, 4.5 mV
MC-10MC, 0.45 mV
MC-10 47kMC, 0.5 mV
MC-10 SpecialMC, 0.45 mV
MC-1 47kMC, 0.5 mV
MC-1 SuperMC, 1.0 mV
MC-OneMC, 0.45 mV
MC-One SpecialMC, 0.65 mV, 200 ohms
MC-TwoMC, 2.25 mV
MC-Two SpecialMC, 2.25 mV, >1k ohms
MM-1MM, 5.6 mV
MM-2MM, 5.6 mV
Reference Colibri Stradivarius Sig !
The Colibri XGP
XGW Mk.2

Cables: Interconnects

D-300 III Hybrid-1 mtrgold C-5.5 RCA connectors
FLEXICON B4-1 mtrC-4.0 RCA connectors
MC D-102 mkii
MC D102 mk iii
MC D-501 Hybrid (Halogen Free)
MC-Silver MK II
The First Ultimate Mk II
The Hill 3T
The Jubilee
The Mountain 3T

Cables: Speaker

The Third MK II
VDH Revelation Hybrid Speaker Cable