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Speakers: Full-Range

Falcon Cpr
Firebirdpr, 11in woof, 3way, 600 lbs
Firebird Diamondpr
Hawk Cinema
Hawk Cinema Diamond
Hawk Diamondpr
Khite 2002pr, 6.5in woof
Khorus10in driver, 190 lbs
Khorus Xpr, 2-10in woofs, 3way, 400lbs
Khorus X mkIIpr
Peregrine10in drivers, 163 lbs with stands
Peregrine X mkIIpr
Raven 2002pr, 10in woof, 350 lbs
Raven Cpr
Rock 12pr

Speakers: Monitors

Hawkpr, 2-6.5in woofs, 80 lbs
Khite6.5in woof, 44 lbs
Khite Cctr
Khite CC 2002ctr, 6.5in woof
Peregrine X10in drivers, 163 lbs with stands

Amplifiers & Receivers: Solid state

Rock 12 amp

Speakers: Subwoofers

Rocpowered, 2-12in woofs, 145 lbs
Roc 2002powered, 2-12in woofs, 145 lbs
Roc AK
Thunderpowered, 10in woof, 40 lbs
Thunderbirdpowered, 13in woof, 180 lbs