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Amplifiers: Tube

8860w x 2, KT88
88 Magnumgold tube sockets, blue LED
Apollo275w, mono pr, 200 lbs
Atlas2ch, class AB
Atlas Magnum90w, 55 lbs
Cronus55w, int, EL34, phono, 55 lbs
Cronus Magnum55w, int, 55 lbs
M-120120w monoblocks, KT88
M-120 Magnum120w monoblocks, 70w triode
M-150150w, mono pr, 110 lbs
M-180180w, mono pr, 110 lbs
Stereo 9090w, KT88, 6550, 60 lbs
Tempest60w x 2, int, with remote, KT88
Tempest mkII90w, int, class AB, 65 lbs
Zeus2ch, dual mono

Home theater: Processors

Tempest Magnumupgraded binding posts

Preamplifiers: Tube

66linestage, with remote, 6DJ8
66 LSRlinestage, remote, 20 lbs
66 Magnumlarger power supply, blue LED
99linestage, with remote, 6SN7
99 Magnumupgraded NOS tube set, 30 lbs
99pwith phono, remote, 6SN7
Ares 212AX7, hybrid phono pre
Athena6 inputs, 40 lbs
Hera6 inputs, 50 lbs
Magnum PBphono board
Metis3 inputs, mm-mc, 16 lbs
Perseus4 ins, 3 outs, 22 lbs
Stealthphono mm-mc, 16 lbs