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Amplifiers: Multi ch


Amplifiers: Solid state

550k550w, mono pr, 150 lbs
750k750w, mono pr, 76 lbs
A-120w, int
A-1001200w x 2, class AB
A-22050w x 2, 40 lbs
A-2 amp25w x 2, class A
A-300150w x 2, int, with mm-mc, with remote
A-300cr225w, class A-B
A-308cr amp250w, 52 lbs
A-308 int150w, 2ch, int
A-3.2 amp115w, int, phono, 28 lbs
A-3.2cr amp225w, 2ch, class AB
A-3.2cr amp130w, 2ch, class AB
A-3.5 int2ch, class AB
A-3 ampint, class AB
A-3cr amp120w, class A, 40 lbs
A-3cr int120w, int, class A-B
A-5cr amp255w, 2ch, class AB
A-5 int250w, 2ch, int, 60 lbs
AMS-35i35w, int, class A
E-10070w, int, remote, 20 lbs
E-11int, 6 line inputs, class A/B
kW-500510w, 2ch, int, 117 lbs
KW-7502ch, class AB
M1-HPAHeadphone amplifier
M-250250w, mono pr, 60 lbs
M-3i76w, int, tape, 21 lbs
M-3 nuvista275w, int, 30 lbs
M5 Si
Titan1000w, 2ch, 2 pcs, 250 lbs
TriVista kW amp1000w, 2ch, 94 lbs
X-150int, 2ch, class AB
X-A150w x 2
X-A100r75w x 2, int, class AB, ext pwr supply
X-A200200w x 1, mono pair, class AB
X-A5050w x 2
X-AS100100w x 2, class AB, ext pwr supply
X-Cantube hp amp
X-Can v81.3w, hp amp
X-T10050w, int, tube pre, 9 lbs

Amplifiers: Tube

NuVista 300300w, hybrid, 6CW4, 51 lbs
TriVista 300350w, int, phono, 78 lbs
X-Can v2EC88, hp amp

Analog: Turntables

M-1belt, pivoted arm