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Accessories: Tweaks

PPPportable power plants
VolumeControlbal, 4 ch, 41 lbs

Amplifiers: Solid state

M-200200w, mono pr, 180 lbs

Digital: CD/SACD Players

Gold 630
Gold CD16 bit, 4x-os, with remote
Gold CDV16 bit, 4x-os, with remote
Platinum CDwith remote
Platinum LS-2cd-ld transport, with remote
Ref CD Station IIpre-cd
Referencebalanced, dig ins
Silver16 bit, 4x os, remote, 42 lbs
Silver 63016 bit, 4x-os, with remote
Silver CC-55-disc transport
Silver CC-5da5-disc changer, with remote
Silver LS-2cd-ld transport, with remote
Silver LS-2xcombi-player

Digital: DA Converters

DAC mkIII384kHz, usb, 34 lbs
Digital Director
Goldcoax, 48 lbs
Gold Link
Gold mkIII24 bit, 192k upsampling
Link24 bit, 96khz, 18 lbs
Link mkII24 Bit/96 Khz
Link mkIII24 bit, 18 lbs
Nelson Link IIIusb, 20 lbs
PAD-1a-d, phono in, 1 bal line, 1 unbal line
PDD Prors232. delay, 18 lbs
PDD switcher24 bit, 192kHz, 16 ins, 18 lbs
Platinum Plus4x Upsampling, 45 lbs
Platinum PS-180 lbs
Power DAC usbbattery power, 24 lbs
Pro AD
Signature DAC
Silver PS-2