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Amplifiers & Receivers: Solid state

Alecto mono125w x 1, mono pair
Alecto stereo60w x 2, stereo

Preamplifiers: Solid state

Argowith linestage
Delphinimm-mc only
Delphini mkIImc phono
Delphini Prowith mc
ISO mkIIphono pre with mc
Trichord Dinomm-mc phono stage
Trichord Dino Promm-mc phono

Turntables: Tonearms

Fluid Arm229mm Eff, 13mm OH, 4-16g Cart
Focus arm4-11g Cart, unipivot arm
Tecno arm237mm Eff, 15mm OH, 3-13g Cart, vta adjust

Turntables: Turntables

Electronic Referenceno arm
Focus 1belt, 33, 45, with arm
Focus Sbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodecbelt, 33, 45, no arm, 31 lbs
Gyrodec LEbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodec LE mkIIbelt, manual
Gyrodec LE mkIIIbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodec LE mkIII QC PSUbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodec LE mkIVbelt, 33, 45
Gyrodec mkIIbelt drive, manual, limited edition
Gyrodec mkIIIbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodec mkIII QC PSUbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Gyrodec mkIVbelt drive, 2 speed
Gyrodec mkVno arm
Gyrodec Silver 25belt, 33,45, arm, 32 lbs
Gyrodec w/ Linn Basic LV X Tonearm
Gyro qcpower supply for Gyrodec
Gyro SEbelt, 33,45, 22 lbs
Gyro SE mkIIno arm
Hydraulic Refwith arm
Mycrobelt, 33, 45
Odysseybelt, no arm
Orbebelt, 33, 45, 78, no arm, 42 lbs
Orbe SEbelt, 33,45, 30 lbs
Orbe SE
Orbe SE mkIIbelt, no arm
Prismawith arm
Syncrobelt, 33, 45, with rega rb-300
Syncrodecbelt, 33, 45, no arm
Syncro mkIIwith rega rb-300
Syncro mkIIIbelt, 33, 45
Tecnodecbelt, 33,45, no arm, 10 lbs
Tecnodec rb300rb300 arm