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Amplifiers: Multi ch

Chorus 7200
DAV-1500300w, 5 ch
Evolution 2250etwo-channel
Evolution 4033ch, 180 lbs
Evolution 403e
HTS-5200w, 5ch
HTS-7200w, 7ch, bridgeable
KAV-1500300w, 5ch
KAV-200a x5bal inputs
KAV 250a/3
KAV-250a x3250w x 3
KAV-3250250w, 3ch, 74 lbs
KAV-500100w x 5, 60 lbs
S-15007ch, 70 lbs
Showcase 5125w, 5 ch
Showcase 6125w, 6ch
Showcase 7125w, 7ch
Theater 7 Amp
Theater amplifier stadard
Theater Amplifier Standard

Amplifiers: Solid state

DUO 300
Evolution 1450w, class A, mono pr
Evolution 302300w, 140 lbs
Evolution 302e
Evolution 400400w, mono pr
Evolution 402400w, 150 lbs
Evolution 402e
Evolution 600600w, mono pair
Evolution 900mono pr
Evolution One
FBI300w, int, 104 lbs
FPB 250M
FPB-250mc250w x 1, mono pair
FPB-300300w, 130 lbs
FPB-300c300w, 130 lbs
FPB-300cx300w, 140 lbs
FPB-350mc350w monoblocks, cast technology
FPB-350mcx350w mono pr, 160 lbs
FPB-400cx400w ch, 127 lbs
FPB-450mcx450w mono pr, 220 lbs
FPB-600c600w x 2, class A
FPB-650m1300w, mono pr
FPB-650mc650w monoblocks, class A
FPB-700cx700w, 200 lbs
FPB-750mcx750w mono pr, 310 lbs
Illusion II preamp and Duo 300XD amplifier
KAS350w, mono, audio standard
KAS-2175w, mono pair, audio std 2
KAV-150a150w x 2, rca and xlr outputs
KAV-2250250w, 74 lbs
KAV 250a
KAV-250a250w x 2, 57 lbs
KAV-300i150w x 2, int, with remote, 32 lbs
KAV-300iL200w, int, with remote
KAV-400cxstereo, int
KAV-400xi200w, int, 31 lbs
KAV-500i250w x 2, 50 lbs
KMA-100100w mono pr, class A, 152 lbs
KMA-100 mkII100w mono pr, class A, 140 lbs
KMA-160160w mono pair
KMA-200200w mono pr, class A, 280 lbs
KMA-400400w, mono pr, 300 lbs
KRS-100100w mono pair
KRS-200200w mono pair
KSA-100100w x 2, class A, 110 lbs
KSA-100 mk2
KSA-100s100w, bal in, 80 lbs
KSA-150150w x 2, class A, 110 lbs
KSA-200s200w, bal in, 125 lbs
KSA-250250w, stereo, high bias, class a
KSA-300s300w x 2, bal in, 200 lbs
KSA-55w, headphone amp
KSA-5050w x 2, class A, 70 lbs
KSA-50 mkII50w x 2, class A, 70 lbs
KSA-50s50w, bal in, 52 lbs
KSA-8080w x 2, 125 lbs
KST-100100w x 2, class AB, 60 lbs
MasterReferencemono pr, class A
MDA-300300w mono pair
MDA-500500w mono pair
MDA-600s600w, mono pr, 400 lbs
S-150m150w, mono pr, 34 lbs
S-300i150w, int, ipod, 43 lbs
Solo 575
TAS200w, 5 ch, 110 lbs
Vanguard Digital Integrated Amp:

Analog: Cartridges

KC-100MC, 0.25 mV
KC-200MC, 0.25 mV

Cables: Digital