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Amplifiers: Multi ch

MC-6150w x 6, xlr and rca inputs
Model 302-4300w, 4ch, handles
Model 304250w, 4ch, handles

Amplifiers: Solid state

Concentra100w x 2, integrated, 75 lbs
Concentra mkII150w, int, no phono
Concentra mkIIp150w, int, with phono
Concentra phono100w x 2, integrated, with phono
Concerto int250w, int
Concerto P250w, int, phono
Continuum 500500w, int, 60 lbs
Model 160w x 2, 100 lbs
Model 10150w x 2, xlr and rca ins, xlr out
Model 102s10 lbs
Model 112150w x 2, 70 lbs
Model 12200w x 1, xlr and rca ins, xlr out, 80 lbs
Model 125
Model 275w, 75 lbs
Model 201250w, mono pr
Model 3100w x 1, mono pr, 200 lbs
Model 301m800w mono pr, handles
Model 302300w, 2ch, handles
Model 312500w, 2ch, 70 lbs
Model 5150w x 2
Model 501600w, mono pr
Model 525
Model 5 bal150w x 2, bal in
Model 6150w monoblocks
Model 625
Model 7350w monoblocks
Model 7 bal350w monoblocks, 270 lbs
Model 7 sII350w, mono pr, 400 lbs
Model 7 sIII350w mono pair
Model 8250w x 2
MODEL 825 Stereo Power Amplifier
Model 8t250w
Model 8ti250w, stereo
Model 8ti hc250w, 124 lbs
Model 9350w monoblocks
Model 9t350w mono pair
Model 9ti350w, mono pr, no pwr supply
Model 9ti bps9350w monoblocks, battery supply
Model 9ti hc350w monoblocks

Analog: Cartridges

LH ComplementMC, 0.2 mV

Analog: Tonearms