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Amplifiers: Multi ch

AVC-A11125w, 7ch
HEOS Drive
POA-5000100w x 6
POA-8300120w x 3, 36 lbs

Amplifiers: Solid state

AVC-100055wF, 25wC, 25wR
AVC-2000with remote
AVC-280085w x 2
AVC-300080w x 2
AVC-302080w x 2
AVC-3030110w x 2
AVC-700with remote
DRA-29750w, int, 19 lbs
DRA-39780w, int, 21 lbs
PMA-1060105w x 2, int
PMA-1080r105w x 2, int, with remote
PMA-1315r115w x 2, int
PMA-1500r70w x 2, int
PMA-1520130w x 2, int
PMA-2000r80w x 2, int, 44 lbs
PMA-2000r mkIV2ch, int
PMA-25025w x 2, int
PMA-300v55w x 2, int
PMA-32060w x 2, int
PMA-500v80w x 2, int
PMA-50150w x 2, int
PMA-52070w x 2, int
PMA-525r50w x 2, int, 14 lbs
PMA-53060w x 2, int
PMA-550100w x 2, int
PMA-56070w x 2, int
PMA-63080w x 2, int
PMA-680r65w x 2, int
PMA-70070w x 2, int
PMA-700v100w x 2, int
PMA-72090w x 2, int
PMA-73060w x 2, with mc, 19 lbs
PMA-73760w x 2, int
PMA-7.550w x 2, int
PMA-75080w x 2, with mc, 27 lbs
PMA-75780w x 2, int
PMA-770100w x 2, with mc, 27 lbs
PMA-777100w x 2, int
PMA-83060w x 2, int
PMA-850100w x 2, int
PMA-86080w x 2, int
PMA-880r75w x 2, int
PMA-900v120w x 2, int
PMA-915r80w x 2, int
PMA-920115w x 2, int
PMA-950115w x 2, int
PMA-970115w x 2, int
PMA-980r90w x 2, int
PMA-S150w x 2, int, bal in
POA-100385w x 2
POA-1500150w x 2, 49 lbs
POA-2400200w x 2
POA-2800200w x 2, gold
POA-2800bk200w x 2
POA-3000180w x 2
POA-3000rg250w x 2
POA-3000z250w x 2
POA-4400150w x 2
POA-4400a160w x 1
POA-5200120w, thx ultra
POA-6600250w x 1
POA-6600a260w x 1
POA-7.530w x 2
POA-80050w x 2
POA-8000200w x 2, 49 lbs
POA-8200120w x 2, 27 lbs
POA-S1250w x 2, mono pair, 175 lbs
POA-S10150w x 1

Analog: Cartridges

DL-1000MC, 0.12 mV, S-mount
DL-102MC, round tip
DL 103
DL-103MC, 0.3 mV, TF 2.5 grams
DL-103dMC, 0.3 mV
Dl-103LC MK II
DL-103rMC, round tip
DL-103saMC, round tip
DL-110MC, 1.6 mV, S-mount
DL-160MC, 1.6 mV, S-mount
DL-301MC, 0.3 mV, S-mount
DL-301 mkIIMC, special elliptical tip
DL-302MC, 0.18 mV, S-mount
DL-304MC, 0.18 mV, S-mount
DL-305MC, 0.2 mV, S-mount
DL-80MC, 1.6 mV, S-mount
DL-S1MC, 0.15 mV

Analog: Tonearms

67L-72L244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 4-15g Cart
67L-72L S244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 11-20g Cart
790244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 5-11g Cart
DA-1000282mm Eff, 12.5mm OH, 18.04deg OS, 4-8g Cart
DA-302282mm Eff, 12.5mm OH, 18.04deg OS
DA-303244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS
DA-304282mm Eff, 12.5mm OH, 18.04deg OS, 5.5-14.5g Cart
DA-305244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 4-15g Cart
DA-307244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 5-10g Cart
DA-308282mm Eff, 12.5mm OH, 18.04deg OS, 14-34g Cart
DA-309244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 14-34g Cart
DA-401244mm Eff, 14mm OH, 20.7deg OS, 4-10g Cart