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Cables: Speaker

UERA/Di 4.5R

Computer Audio: Speakers


Home theater: Subwoofers

IW Sub Reference
PF-1500 TLpowered, 15in woof
PF-15 TL+powered, 15in woof
PF-18 TLpowered, 18in woof
Powerfield 12powered, 12in woof, 38 lbs
Powerfield 15powered, 15in woof, 62 lbs
Powerfield 1500powered, with xover, 15in, 90 lbs
Powerfield 18powered, 18in woof, 100 lbs
Powerfield 1800powered, 18in woof, 109 lbs
Prosub 100pr, powered, 10in woof, 66 lbs
Prosub 1000powered, 10in woof, 33 lbs
Prosub 200 TLpowered, 12in woof
Prosub 60powered, 8in woof, 21 lbs
Prosub 80powered, 8in woof
Prosub 800powered, 8in woof, 26 lbs
SC 4000
Supercube 2000
Supercube 8000
SuperCube mkIpowered, 10in woof, 63 lbs
SuperCube mkIIpowered, 10in woof, 38 lbs
SuperCube mkIIIpowered, 7.5in woof, 25 lbs
SuperCube Refpowered, 14in woof, 95 lbs
SuperCube Trinity sigpowered, 14in woof, 180 lbs

Speakers: Full range

BP-1sys, 15in woof
BP-10bpr, 2-6.5in woofs, 110 lbs
BP-1xea, 2-4.5in woofs, 9 lbs
BP-2000sys, 5-piece, 319 lbs
BP-2000 TL15in woof, 4 mids, 2 twtrs
BP-2002 HTSsys, 5-piece, 200 lbs
BP-2002 TLpr, 12in woof, 2 mids, 2 twtrs
BP-2006 TLpr, 8in subwoof, 2 mids, 2 twtrs
BP-2xpr, 2-5.25in woofs, 20 lbs
BP-30pr, 4-6.5in woofs, 160 lbs
BP-3000 TLsystem
BP-30 syssys, 6 pcs
BP-6ea, bi polar tower
BP-6bpr, 2-5.25in woofs, 84 lbs
BP-7000scpr, 3-14in woofs, 324 lbs
BP-7001scpr, powered, 264 lbs
BP-7002pr, woofs, twtrs, 12in sub, 154 lbs
BP-7004pr, 10in woof, mids, twtrs, 132 lbs
BP-7006pr, 8in woof, mids, twtrs, 108 lbs
BP-8ea, bi polar trans line, 38 lbs
BP9000 Series High-performance system
BP-9080X Dolby AtmosĀ® enabled bipolar built-in powered subwoofer
BP-VXblack, 4-6.5in woofs
Celsius systemsatellite subwoofer, 3-piece, 98 lbs
CLR-23008in woof
CLR-25003-way spkr sub
CLR-300010in woof
Full-range Home Theater Speakers (BP line)
Mythos 1pr, 4-5.25in woofs, 80 lbs
Mythos 24-4.5in woofs, on wall
Mythos 4pr, 4-5.25in woofs, 50 lbs
Mythos 5pr, 4-3.5in woofs, 38 lbs
Mythos 6pr
Mythos 9sys, on-wall
Mythos STpr, 3 woofs, 160 lbs
Mythos ST-L Graphite
MYTHOS ST-L SuperTower with Mythos 10 & Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 11.2-ch recvr ALL Def Tech On SALE
MYTHOS ST-L W/Mythos 10 & Pioneer Elite SC-LX901
Mythos STSpr, 3 woofs, 3way, 122 lbs
Mythos Ten
Mythos XTR-SSA3
Powermonitor 700syst, 5 pcs
ProCenter 1000
ProCenter 2000
Procenter C2each
ProCinema 1000syst, 6 pcs
ProCinema 100.6sys, 6-piece, 90 lbs
ProCinema 400system
ProCinema 800sys
ProCinema 80.6home theater system
Promonitor 80satellite, 4.5in woof
Protower 4006.5in woofs
ST-L Graphite