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Amplifiers: Multi ch

CA-3200200w, 3ch
CA-5000100w, 5ch
CA-5200200w, 5ch
CAV-100100w, 5 ch, class AB
CAV-150150w x 6, 75 lbs
CAV-180180w, 5ch, 75 lbs
CAV-500250w x 5, rca and xlr inputs
CAV-7575w x 6, 45b lbs
Sigma Amp5

Amplifiers: Solid state

10125w, bal in, bridgeable
15175w, bal in, bridgeable, 60 lbs
25250w x 2, bal in
7075w x 2, bal in
CA-100100w x 2, 35 lbs
CA-101100w, 2ch, class AB
CA-150150w x 2, 55 lbs
CA-151150w x 2, class AB
CA-200200w x 2, 80 lbs
CA-201200w x 2
CA-2100100w, 2ch
CA-2200200w, 2ch, 80 lbs
CA-300300w x 2
CA-301300w x 2, class AB
CA-400400w x 2, 145 lbs
CA-401400w x 2
CAM-200200w monoblocks, 100 lbs
CAM-350350w monoblocks, 140 lbs
CAM-400400w, mono pr, rca xlr inputs
CAP-100100w, 34 lbs
CAP-101100w x 2, int
CAP-150150w x 2, int, 38 lbs
CAP-151150w x 2, int
CAP-2100100w, 2ch, int, 50 lbs
CAP-80int, 2ch
CT-2300300w, 89 lbs
CT-M300300w, mono pr, 152 lbs
CT-M600600w, mono pr, 178 lbs
DR-1050 lbs
DR-225w x 2, 65 lbs
DR-25250w, 75 lbs
DR-3b25w, class A, 70 lbs
DR-3vhc40w x 2
DR-870w, bridgeable
DR-9100w x 2, 65 lbs
M-10001000w x 1
M-700700w monoblock, 68 lbs
Omega 450450w x 2, dual mono
Omega Mono110w class A, dual mono pair, 250 lb
Omega Omicron300w, mono pr, 216 lbs
Omega Ref450w x 2, dual-mono, 250 lbs
Omicron2 ch, fully balanced circuitry
Sigma Amp2

Digital: CD/SACD Players

CDP-1024-192, 18 lbs
CDP-10024-352, hdcd, 26 lbs
CDP-10224-192, rs232, 27 lbs
CDP-1.524 bit da
CDP-20224-192, rs232, 27 lbs
CDP-.320 bit, 8x os, with remote
CDP-.520 bit, HDCD, 20 lbs
CDP-502dvd-cd, 27 lbs
CDT-300cd, dvd, 27 lbs
Omega cdtop load, opt coax out
Omega SACD24 bit, 96khz, 47 lbs
Omega SACD-22ch out, coax-opt out

Digital: DA Converters

DAC-120 bit, hdcd, 17 lbs