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Amplifiers: Solid state

540a50w, 2ch, int, pre out
640a65w, 2ch, int
A-100100w x 2
A-12090w x 2
A-1 mkIIIse30w, int
A-250250w mono pair
A-300 int45w x 2, integrated
A-300 pwr45w x 2, power amp
A-300 v250w, 4 line ins
A-3i60w x 2, int, with mm
A-560w, 2ch, int
A-5050w x 2
A-500 int85w x 2, integrated
A-500 pwr85w x 2, power amp
A-7060w x 2, bridged mono
A-75100w x 2
Azur 340a50w, int
Azur 550a60w, int
Azur 640a75w, int, 2 tape
Azur 640a v2int, 20 lbs
Azur 740a100w, int, 28 lbs
Azur 840a v250 lbs
Azur 840 v2120w, int
Azur 840w200w, 500w bridge mono
P-25100w, int
P-3560w, int
P-4040w, int
P-50100w x 2, integrated
P-5570w, int
P-7060w, int
Premier 1b150w
Topaz AM-1035w, int, phono, 13 lbs

Amplifiers: Tube

P-50065w x 2

Digital: CD/SACD Players

540ccoax opt dig output
640ccoax opt dig out
Azur 540c24-192
Azur 540c v210 lbs
Azur 550cremote, 12 lbs
Azur 640c24-192
Azur 640c v215 lbs
Azur 640h160 gb music server
Azur 740cup to 24 bit, 384 kHz
Azur 840c24 bit, 384 kHz
CD-116 bit, 4x os
CD-216 bit, 16x os, remote
CD-41 bit
CD-4sewith remote, coaxial, bal
D-30024 bit, optical out
D-50024 bit, optical-coax out
D-500se24bit, 15 lbs
Discmagic 2
Topaz CD-10cd, rca, coax, 10 lbs

Digital: DA Converters

Azur DacMagic
Dacmagic24-192, coax, usb, 3 lbs
Dacmagic 2