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Accessories: Tweaks

BL-1bal line converter, se in, bal out
BL-2bal line conv, se ins, bal out
BL-3bal line converter, bal ins, se out

Amplifiers: Multi ch

150m x3150w, 3ch, module
150m x4150w, 4ch, module
150m x5150w, 5ch, module
150m x6150w, 6ch, module
150m x7150w, 7ch, module
SDA-1100w x 4, 37 lbs

Amplifiers: Solid state

100.2100w, 35 lbs
150.2150w, 2ch, bal-se in
150m x1150w, 1ch, module
150m x2150w, 2ch, module
300.2300w, 2ch, bal-se in
D-100100w, 40 lbs
D-100b100w, solid state
D-110b110w, solid state
D-111125w, solid state
D-120120w, solid state, 43 lbs
D-130130w, solid state, 27 lbs
D-200200w, se and bal inputs
D-300160w, solid state, 48 lbs
D-350350w, solid state
D-350b350w, solid state
D-400200w, solid state, 72 lbs
D-400 mkII200w, solid state, 73 lbs
D-5250w, solid state
D-52b50w, solid state
DSi-200200w, int, 38 lbs
SD-135235w, 43 lbs
V-70stereo, balanced input
VT-5045w, tube, 55 lbs

Amplifiers: Tube

610T170 lbs, 600w
CA-5045w, tube, int
Classic 120115w, hybrid, mono
Classic 150150w monoblocks, 255 lbs
Classic 3030w, hybrid
Classic 6060w, hybrid, 6550, 63 lbs
D-115115w, tube, 70 lbs,
D-115 mkII100w, tube
D-125110w, hybrid
D-150150w, 6550, 115 lbs
D-240 mkII120w, 38 lbs
D-250250w, 120 lbs
D-250 mkII250w, 120 lbs
D-4040w tube
D-5050w, 2ch
D-7065w, 49 lbs
D-70 mkII65w
D-7975w, tube
D-79b75w, KT88, 107 lbs
D-79c75w, tube, 85 lbs
D-9090w, tube, 100 lbs
D-90b80w, tube
Dual 100tube
HD-220hybrid, 220v, 74 lbs
M-100100w, hybrid mono
M-300300w, tube mono
M-300 mkII280w pentode mono pr, hybrid, 110 lbs
M-300 mkII Triode300w, mono pr
Ref 150 SE
REF 750
Reference 110stereo, bal in
Reference 150
Reference 210200w, mono pr
Reference 300280w, tube mono, 132 lbs each
Reference 300 mkII280w mono, bal input
Reference 600500w, tube mono, 170 lbs each
Reference 600 mkIIImonoblock, bal in
Reference 610tclass AB, bal in
Reference 75
Reference 75 SE
ST-70tube, c3
V-100100w tube, mono
V-140140w tube, mono, bal input
VM-220200w, mono pr, class AB
VS-110100w, 6550EH, 6N1P, 61 lbs
VS-115120w, int, phono, 64 lbs
VS-6050w, 32 lbs
VSi-5550w, 2ch, int, 34 lbs
VSi-6050w, int, 6550C, 35 lbs
VSI 75
VT-100100w, 6550C, 83 lbs
VT-100 mkII100w, tube, 83 lbs
VT-100 mkIII100w, bal and se inputs
VT-130110w, 2ch, 70 lbs
VT-130 SE110w, tube, 78 lbs
VT-150130w mono, 6550, 164 lbs
VT-150 SE130w, tube mono, 77 lbs each
VT-200200w, tube, bal and se inputs, 137 lbs
VT-200 mkII200w, bal-se inputs
VT-6050w, tube, 33 lbs
VT-60 SE50w, tube, 36 lbs
VTM-120110w tube mono pair
VTM-120 SE110w tube mono
VTM-200200w mono, bal in, hybrid, 74 lbs