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Amplifiers: Multi ch

Alpha 10 Dave100w, 5ch, dd, dts
Alpha 10 Marc5 zone, 7 source module
Alpha 10P-3100w x 3, 30 lbs
Alpha AV-5050w x 5, 14 lbs
Diva P-1000135w, 7ch
Diva P-85.385w, 3 ch
Diva P-90-390w, 3ch
FMJ-A22 Marcint, multi room
FMJ-P25 pam100w, 3ch
FMJ-P35x3100w, 3ch, class AB
FMJ-P7150w, 7ch
Xeta 160w x 5, int, 22 lbs
Xeta 255w x 3, 23 lbs

Amplifiers: Solid state

A-6035w x 2, int, 11 lbs
A-60+40w x 2, int
A-65+int, 25 lbs
A-70int, 20 lbs
A-90int, 2 tape, 25 lbs
Alpha 10 int100w x 2
Alpha 10P100w x 2, 25lbs
Alpha 10R int100w, int, remote, 22 lbs
Alpha 1 int35w, int, pre out
Alpha 2 int30w, int, phono
Alpha 3 int30w x 2, int
Alpha 5 int40w, int, 10 lbs
Alpha 5+ int40w x 2, int
Alpha 6 int50w x 2, int
Alpha 6+ int50w x 2, int
Alpha 7 int40w x 2, int, 9 lbs
Alpha 7R int45w x 2, with phono, 11 lbs
Alpha 8 int50w x 2, int, with remote, 10 lbs
Alpha 8P50w x 2, 9 lbs
Alpha 8R int50w x 2, with phono, 50 lbs
Alpha 9 int75w, 2ch, int, mm phono, remote, 13 lbs
Alpha 9P75w x 2, 13 lbs
Delta 120100w x 2, dual mono,
Delta 120.2100w x 2, dual mono,
Delta 29075w, int, remote, 14 lbs
Delta 290p70w x 2
Delta 6050w x 2
Delta 9070w x 2, int
Delta 90.270w x 2, int
Diva A-6540w, int, pre out
Diva A-65+45w, 2ch, class AB
Diva A-65t+int
Diva A-7575w, int, remote
Diva A-75+50w, int, 2ch, pre out
Diva A-8065w, int, 2ch, class AB
Diva A-8585w, 2ch, remote, 35 lbs
Diva A-9090w, int, pre out
Diva P-7550w x2, remote power
Diva P-8065w, 2ch, class AB
Diva P-8585w, class AB
Diva P-9090w, 2ch, class AB
FMJ-38105w, int
FMJ-A1850w, int, mm phono, 16 lbs
FMJ-A22100w, int, metal faceplate
FMJ-A2875w, int, 19 lbs
FMJ-A32100w, int, phono, 30 lbs
FMJ-P1170w, mono pr, class AB
FMJ-P1mono pair
FMJ-P25100w, 2ch
FMJ-P35100w, 2ch
FMU-A22100w, int, opt phono, 24 lbs
P-3820 lbs
SA-15075w x 2
SA-200100w x 2, 22 lbs
SA-6040w x 2
Solo50w, cd, fm, 17 lbs

Analog: Cartridges

C-77mgMM, 4.0 mV
E-77mgMM, 4.0 mV
P-77mgMM, 4.0 mV

Cables: Digital